QGIS 2.8, or let’s go back to QGIS 2.6

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Since I’m teaching a few lectures this semester about crowdsourcing, GPS tracking and so on, I’m spending more time on QGIS than when I was reviewing motivation in citizen science projects. I had to install QGIS in the computing labs of the building in order to teach a 2-hour lab in the Outdoor Recreation Management class. It took only 45 minutes, between downloading one exe file, loging into every computer, installing and changing the language settings. QGIS 2.8 being out, I thought I should install that one. So I also installed it on my computer and started designing my exercise with data recently collected. Without much surprise, thanks to Murphy, I ran into trouble – the heatmap I wanted my students to perform would not work at all! After restarting from scratch a zillion times, I ended up checking if people had had the same problem with 2.8.. So yeah, if you’re wondering why your heatmap is created but without projection, that’s because of QGIS 2.8, not because of you. My short term solution was to ask the students to install QGIS 2.6, but obviously the menus were not always the same and so that confused a few, what a shame! I can’t wait to get QGIS 2.8.2, especially since I discovered the batch processing option in QGIS! Such a wonderful tool: http://docs.qgis.org/2.2/en/docs/training_manual/processing/batch_conver…


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