QGIS 2.6 Brighton

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I’ve recently updated QGIS to the latest version – new versions are going faster and faster these days, or maybe I’m not using it as often as I used to. Between literature reviews and GoogleMaps API coding, I don’t seem to spend as much time as I used to on QGIS. That’s going to change though, since I’ll be teaching a couple of courses next semester that involves using GIS. I’m also looking into creating a plugin for QGIS, that sounds pretty exciting!

Anyway, the latest version 2.6 looks relatively similar to the previous one, which makes things easier. However, as I was going to describe how to import a GPX file into QGIS, I realise that the OpenLayer plugin was no longer working. After using QGIS for so long, some of the plugins feel like they are a core part of QGIS! So note to myself, is that you should always upgrade your plugins when upgrading your piece of software. Turns out that quite a few plugins were out of date. Once updated to the latest version, OpenLayer disappeared from the ‘plugins’ menu though! It took me a while to realise that it has simply been moved to a newly created ‘Web’ menu (see screenshot below). Ooof!



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