Gender inbalance in Denmark

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Politiken, one of the major daily newspaper in Denmark, recently published a map I couldn’t help commenting.

The map illustrates the cities with gender unbalance, and is entitled (from my basic Danish understanding) ‘Here are the municipalities that women are escaping from’.


What you can see from this map is that in rural areas there are more men 20-29 year old than women of the same age. The three urban centres that are Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense have more women of that age group than men. It doesn’t seem to be the same for Aalborg, so it’s acting here as a rural place. Actually, considering only people from 20 to 29, I guess that is mainly students or entry jobs.

But I thought of two things when I saw the map:

– in order to show that women are ‘escaping’ to these cities, it should be shown as an evolution. Can we really consider that ‘women are fleeing’ if it has always been the same?

– why is it considered that ‘women’ are fleeing? Why is it not presented as men fleeing urban areas? I think any country will have really reached a gender equality once its newspaper will stop talking about female vs male and start considering it to be a gender inbalance issue! (I prefer not to comment on the blue/pink choice, since I’ve done it myself in the past to make my map more easily readable)

Once again, a map says a thousand words – but not always the ones wanted by the author.


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