I am a data scientist and spatial analyst, currently working as a Research Data Scientist for Digital Science Consultancy. I have formal training in GIS and spatial analysis, and a PhD and three years work experience in Geographical Information Sciences and javascript application design. My projects are described in my portfolio.

I have a wide range of experience involving data (including spatial data) and the web. I am interested in innovative ways to communicate with data and draw insights from it. Since I have a formal background in geosciences, many of my projects involved spatial data, or at least spatial data visualisation. I enjoy making small projects with interactive visualisation libraries. You can see my static map gallery and the interactive D3 Advent Calendar for Christmas 2016.



I also have some more computation social research I’ve done on my github page¬†(it’s a better platform¬†to write a visual story).

On this page is an overview of the main projects I have worked on, displayed in a d3js tag-cloud. Click on the title to read about the project, or check my blog post to see how I did it.